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We build on our diverse experience to understand what your needs are, and look to build partnerships not just client. All of the following is provided as part of your free trial.

  • 24/7 UK based support line
  • Dedicated account manager to support your growth
  • Exclusivity on certain developments to stand out from the competition (Enterprise clients)
  • We recruit from industries such as retail, logistics and hospitality, to ensure we understand your real world challenges

Start increasing efficiency and profitability from day one

Scalable for businesses of all sizes, from 4 to 40,000 staff, providing the backbone to your operations and marketing.

  • Fully featured accounts from £120 per month
  • Average cost per deployed hour of 5p
  • Average cost per shift of 43p
  • No hidden costs
  • No charges for training or support
  • No charges for feature/service requests

Deployed in thousands companies across three continents

Our platforms and services are trusted for the deployment of staff to major hospitality operators covering high capacity venues and events, retail, guarding and response providers, and construction/national infrastructure projects.

From companies deploying 1 to 5 staff to multi-national organisations managing over 11,000 staff.

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See how our ecosystem can increase efficiencies and productivity in your operations.

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  • 24/7 support

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“There were many reasons why we chose C247 from the technology to the functionality, but in the end the simple reason is, the team has as much heart as us. The world is only going forward and it was important that our business stayed ahead of its time, and that why we chose C247 as allows we offer our clients total transparency. The deal was done in my mind when we met the faces behind the technology. ”

Lauren Paver Group Sales Director, Triton Group

“The C247 platform really is an integral part of managing all of our contracts including supplying staff to the O2 Arena and gives our senior management team peace of mind in the day to day operations leaving them free to focus on growing the business. We cannot imagine moving to another supplier and look forward to continuing to work in partnership with the team at C247.”

Anna Lazarus Operations Manager, ISG

“We have used C247 for over a year managing every aspect of our business through it from screening of new applicants and scheduling of events to billing our clients and paying our staff. The features ensure we can deploy guards quickly at short notice, pre-empt any issues before they arise, and make sure our guards are in the correct location for their shifts. Using C247 makes our day to day operations more efficient so we can spend more time growing the business. ”

Andrew Bannon Managing Director, TClass Security

“We are so happy with the system as it assists us with our ever changing and overgrowing industry. Continuum are continually helping us cope with our work load and maintaining an optimal level of compliance. The C247 team are incredibly responsive and deliver a very personal service.”

Colleen Harris HR and Compliance Director, Advanced Security Management

“The C247 management team are extremely friendly and responsive to any queries or questions we have with the system. The odd occasions where there are technical issues, these are resolved promptly. Their management team have fantastic vision for continuous improvements and innovations to their services and we work very much in partnership with his business.”

Gabriel Erinle Director, Adept Corporate Services